1- ian erix promo shot 1

It looks like the summer playlist is starting to warm-up with contenders of full blown anthems and supersized electro-pop nuggets beginning to wade in from far and wide across to these shores.

This is cool in my opinion as most of the pop fodder the UK has had to offer up to date has unfortunately not been giving of enough, go party with it abandonment in the musical sense.

Now we have a new stateside pop proposition to look into and it’s very clear that larger-than-life powerhouse Ian Erix is all out to grab our attention not only with his multi-coloured head full of hair but also with the use of his razor sharp vocal chops which ultimately turns out his sunshine powered electro bop “Shangri-La”.

Remember when we were all wiggling it to LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”, well “Shangri-La” does similarly feel that it siphons off some of its exact exuberance all except Ian Erix doesn’t appear to own a pair of animal print spandex party pants. Anyway not to worry on that account as there is a throng of party peoples amassed on a beach living it up under the sun, some head to toe in a froth of foam and others get a drenching from super-soaker. What unites them all under the “Shangri-La” umbrella though, is that they’re all out for a fun time and we want in on it too don’t we!

I hope so, since I actually happen to think Ian Erix is giving something quirky-licious into the pop mix that could have us all pogoing our cares away when “Shangri-La” crashes into all good UK pop music outlets in July.