Norway’s latest pop export Astrid S continues to make her presence felt in all the right places, and it seems that she’s keen to up the ante too!

Stemming from the breakaway release from forthcoming self-titled debut EP of the glacially delicate pop ballad “Paper Thin”. The youthful starlet most recently climbed on board Troye Sivan’s recent European tour as support act, introducing audiences to her beautified, heartfelt signature sound and she even sold out her debut UK headline show, in super quick time too.

The debut EP is scheduled to drop in days, whilst Astrid is amid taking her showcase to Europe with Troye, so it is a very upbeat time all around for the young singer. Taking a lead from her growing out phase, follow-up single “Hurts So Good”, embodies more of a fully-fledged pop served aura than previous effort “Paper Thin”.

So, if you found Astrid S’sPaper Thin” a shade the cool on the side, the endearing heartfelt strains of “Hurts So Good” might serve you better in getting to know Astrid S.

It’s always good to see the naturally spectacular Scandinavian landscape put to good use, so to see it playing a cameo part in the video is especially pleasing, as are the graphically enhanced lighting FX too, which act to connect up the time framed scenes of the played out love themed storyboard.

This is just the kind of track that might gently sweep its way into your life and put itself to work to slow-burn away all your stresses and woes when it’s epi-centre of love and light structure breaks through ensuring it holds you captivated in its grasp.

I know this much, those elegant and exquisitely gorgeous times ahead that I previously spoke about, are definitely seen through in the glorious resonance felt of “Hurts So Good”.