I won’t lie, we are one month gone into a new year and pop really needs to pull its socks up a bit! Is it too much to ask for a touch of colour and dynamics to make its way over the current hype, trend threshold of urban driven jams that are as of now flooding the music landscape.

If you are anyway like me and have an insatiable thirst on for pop thrills, you might just want to prick up your ears and become acquainted with the sonic bound, blissful sound of LA based emerging artist Kristine Elezaj and her current single “Euphoria”.

Striking like a sultry summer breeze in February, “Euphoria” is shaped in a tone of enveloping mystique and enchantment. Rather like an unfurling wave of soothing electronic otherworldliness. The nature of the melody is so dreamy delicious yet Kristine shows out class and sophistication. Style and musicality. Which all forms together in a spellbinding shaped parcel of highly tantalizing artistry. Seen here in the highly sensually, alluring accompanying music video. Sometimes the most effective way to make your mark for a newcomer is to keep it simple. Kristine plays to this aesthetic, exuding graceful elegance.

With “Euphoria” serving as a taste of what’s on the horizon, Kristine Elezaj is giving all the right feels of burning up as a future pop siren.