Watch “Sweet” by Little Dragon

We haven’t heard chiptune sounds making their way into pop for a bit, and in the hand of innovators such as Little Dragon on “Sweet”, the results pushing through via of a combination of trippy dance beats and vintage Atari 8-bit, MIDI synthesized bleeps are balanced to dance pop gold perfection.

Listen to “Ocean” by Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp are dabbling in the diverse once again, as revealed from album track “Ocean”. It’s quite possibly to be regarded amongst some of their most seriously electronic material that harks right back to their beginnings.

Listen to “Lost In You” by Billy Cullum

Billy Cullum comes from a place not many pop artists are known to reach over from (Musical Theatre). He’s got quite a lovely quirky streak running through his music which certainly perks up the ears. You’ll find all of this come through in the new single “Lost In You”.