Listen to “Young” by Nabiha

Nabiha’s form is nothing to be sniffled at. However, she continues to make headway further into the realm of pop. All Nabiha's been working up to, seems at last to have come into fruition with the release of her new single "Young".

Watch “Not Above Love” by AlunaGeorge

The fact of the matter is AlunaGeorge are not afraid to place themselves in a spot where they take a few risks and whilst, this is the case, it similarly speaks volumes about the meaning behind latest single cut "Not Above Love" also.

Watch “Little Black Book” by Puzzle

Puzzle’s keen interest in digital art forms and symbolic, imagery concepts comes into its own in the visually alluring “Little Black Book” video. Needless to say, we are hooked and you will be too, if you are electronic pop freaks like us!

Listen to “Summer Nights” by Cocovan

Allow us to make you aware of this. In the unleashing of Cocovan’s "Summer Nights" lyric video, she's found her own sweet and sassy way to get us appreciating the delicate beauty that a bunch of flowers possess.

Listen to “Wishing” by Iman

Planet pop needs to catch on to this lady, her vocal command is bloody amazing. As well as being velvety smooth and exuding class. Iman sure does bring it all.

Listen to “Alphabet Block” by Marnie

Marnie of Ladytron has these dreamy transcending vocals that are given to dancing around an analogue creative playground which is quite fembot and disco bop in equal measure. You’ll hear this come through on “Alphabet Block”.