Up-and-coming singer/songwriting tour-de-force Tiggi Hawke recently cemented her new girl in pop status with the unleashing of two eruditely turned-out tracks “In The Wild” and “Burn Notice”, both of which sparked up an intriguing picture of Tiggi’s intellectually insightful, take on pop with forward thinking vision.

By the power of those two self-assured tracks alone, we felt every reason to declare Tiggi as one of the most exciting female prospects in pop.

But “In The Wild” and “Burn Notice” only form part of the bigger developing picture which goes some way to reveal the exquisite command of artistry and authenticity, exposing Tiggi Hawke to be at the helm of excitedly noted, pop newcomers. As Tiggi has just seen through the release of her debut EP, which inclusive of the tracks we already know, offer up a further two titles “Hollow Talk” and “If You Dare”, which are every way paramount in committing an EP of equal in measure of song quality and musicianship throughout.

Acting to extend upon the firm footing in commanding musical know-how, “Hollow Talk” reveals more of the intricate and shimmery encrusted electronica which floats alongside, Tiggi’s wholly honest lyrical approach and dreamily turned vocals. Whilst “If You Dare”, flags up once more into the pop channels of buoyant and blooming creditability that will oversee Tiggi into the next phase of her emerging artist break-out with ease.

The whole “Burn Notice” EP as a body of work is as assuredly led with artistic flair as much learned figures in established pop realms could only have hoped to have accomplished on their debuts.

Totally reason enough why we think Tiggi is all kinds of amazing and simply cannot get enough of her warm and heartfelt, soft electronic pop music.

If however, you’re looking for something a touch more bouncy – the Oliver Nelson Remix of “Burn Notice” (streaming HERE) will see you right!