Photo: Shabnam Ferdowski

Now, Act As If is no stranger to the classic pop sound with their latest EP Lovers Online. with a very guitar melody leading the way, it feels like they fit in a lineup with artists like Walk The Moon and Panic at The Disco. They can make you dance, but they’re just not quite hitting that full blown electronic fed pop that will really get the party started. With a few button pushes, AJ Jackson of Saint Motel has turned the single ‘All The Girls’ on its head.

‘All The Girls’ has its roots in lead singer, Peter Verdell’s adventures in online dating. In particular, you’re met with a strong selling point of online dating; someone for everyone. Yet, with the original version being lead with that full on alternative pop rock sound; the emotion remains somber and panic driven as dreams of finding the perfect mate and the fight to get them reigns over the track.  Now, with a couple of tweaks a proper remix can throw those emotions out the window.

There are times where I can be very critical of remixes. In some tracks that have been remixed, the DJ will barely touch the melody of the song. When it happens, it’s as you’re listening to the same original track. No new emotion or vibe. Then, when a remix is done well… that’s when you get something magical. Taking a classic dance sound (ala Moby), a pinch of synths, and a bit of vocal manipulation the song breathes a brand new emotion. An emotion that is ready for the party that may lie ahead. It’s almost like you absorb an excitement for the chase that is appearing on the computer screen.

From an intro to a concept ep, to a full blown dance extravaganza. Act As If’s ‘All The Girls’ (AJ of Saint Motel Remix) is the pinnacle of when a remix is done right.