Photo: Charlotte Patmore

What I have known of London based duo EKKAH thus far, extends to the haziest of loungey disco jams that erred a little onside of being too chill for us bright and bouncy electronic pop seekers of EQ. BUT, You know there was definitely some masterful presence with these two which has kept me tuned into their progression, and which has since moved forward escalating through their live performances to land them a deal with Sony / RCA.

Further to this, I now think Rebecca and Rebekah are onto something very good since teaming up with self-confessed sad dance music producer / artiste Tourist on new single “Small Talk”. Infact, I think it is very much the making of EKKAH. In a move that makes them far more accessible than anything I have heard from them before.

A balance has been struck between Tourist’s knowledge of atmospheric electronica and EKKAH’s smoothly annunciated disco jams, betwixt which a burbling undercurrent of tempered beats anoints this addictively glistening number with an air of chic disco glamour.

United by intoxicating grooves and emotively infectious melody EKKAH’s animatedly glowing beats are a refreshing neon-hued tonic for the soul.

EKKAH have illuminated my appreciation of chilled disco wave somewhat and are certainly pulling out all the stops when it comes to razzle dazzling me into their favour with more neon lights than you’d find in a casino bar in Vegas.