We have a passion for seeking out emerging talent who really bring to the fore a certain something special. And believe us we like to keep our ear very much to the ground in these matters.

So in saying, feel it prudent to introduce the very talented Yonee onto your radars, because this young fella is the cut of all the above and extends beyond this with pockets deep filled of potential.

It’s been with meticulous planning on Yonee’s account that when he first struck out a few months ago with his most excellent debut “Bombs Of My Love” it went off skywards like a rocket, scaling up the viral heights of Spotify playlists and racing up the Dance Music Week Charts. Much owing to the singer/songwriter capturing realness in his lyrics, going over the line of matter-of-fact to sing out volumes of truth presented in his hugely captivating manner of pop heartedness is something we have a big thing for. To put it out there, if Yonee’s words don’t make your heart leap into flutters, his accomplished musicality for nailing down perky pop sensible refrains will. “Bombs Of My Love” simply has everything going right for it, that we should absolutely bring out the earworm klaxon. HONK! Because when the chorus comes into view this track erupts like a frothy vinegar/soda pop volcano.

Yonee’s sound is nothing but refreshing, embracing utterly ebullient hooks and propulsive, quirky dance beats culminating into the most beguiling, attention grabbing of productions. This also is the measure of “Paradise” Yonee’s follow-up single which is just about to drop everywhere like a tenacious bomb of vision, talent and inviting powerhouse artistry that it so groove makingly is, actually!

An artist like this needs to be on a stage we thought! So we took it upon ourselves to invite Yonee onboard for our next EQ Music Live show, which happens on February 21st. We are happy as little glitter bugs that Yonee accepted and will join our line-up alongside Headliners Dragonette, Lostchild and DJ Zeke Thomas.

We got more than a feeling that this show is going to pop, rock and bop its way into the EQ Music Live history books. If you’re not there how will you know?! So please do come join us