Tom-26 copy

Photo: Rebecca Need-Menear

South East Londoner Tom Bem is an emerging artist who is well and truly part-way down the road to establishing himself.

As much a storyteller as he is a musician and producer, Tom set out to write for other artists before striding out on his own accord. Infact his resumé is one that really impresses, when you see names like Boy George and Bastille are daubed over it.

Already knowing then that some firm footing is already in place. When it comes to identifying Tom’s own branch of artistry, it comes built around a placement of R’n’B filtered sound guided by a prolifically melodically dreamy, electronic presence. Most notably, the extensive use of bass tones within Tom Bem’s work embeds itself into the eargasmic zones of sensually expanded, potently intoxicating, audio pleasure.

What is so refreshing about Tom Bem is that like fellow Londoner Sam Sure, he doesn’t hide all of his cockney accent, it inherently becomes part and parcel within the fabric of his electronic fed creations.

Currently in the thick of a promotional campaign for upcoming EP effort “Beast Side”, focus falls to the softly strung, but intensely heady notes of single “Hide and Seek”. A track which at first, will playfully kiss your ears with sexy temptation only to rhythmically give way to sassy pulses of sonic sauciness.

It maybe that a certain someone has been toying with Tom Bem’s affections but the complex matter-in-hand has in turn made it into a sublimely instigated piece of provocatively fashioned electronica. There is no question that Tom Bem alone, has the upper hand on this and is definitely someone who is more than worthy to keep an eye on because as his all-round musicianship stands, he’s a class act already.