We all know the drill when it comes to the launching of a new artiste. It goes like this…

Tease buzz track.

Launch debut single.

Drop music video.

Unleash remix package.

And yet the curious of things has happened with regards to newcomer Tiggi Hawke, since the emerging pop starlet on-the-rise has chosen to break-through by the aid of remix action first off.

Whilst first seemingly appearing a bit odd, perhaps it really is the case that it is a genius move! Since it is duly noted by us that gaining remixes stamped by rising Swedish producer Tobtok and the debutante girl wonder herself FEMME are certainly not something to be scoffed at.

Let’s face it, I think we’ve all grown a bit tired of the pop-newcomer meets producer on the rise collaborative effort which has been used to exhaustion to bring new artistes to the fore during the last few years. That maybe we hardly batter an eyelid now, let alone be engaged in interest of whom is responsible for the vocals.

So maybe this is a move we might now see more of, but anyways Tiggi Hawke was here amongst the first!

The debut single from singer/songwriter Tiggi which is about to impact all too soon is titled “In The Wild” and actually I think you might find that it heralds some sort of intriguing magnetism as to it’s coming about. Especially, when you learn that Tiggi took a u-turn from entering into a profession of scientific standing such as physics, in favour of making headway as a popstar instead.

A move which takes some committed decision, and although, I cannot vouch for Tiggi’s brainiac intelligence I can rightfully pour praise on her songwriting abilities and vocal artistry, which when delivered on either of these remixes show out with some considerably impressing standing in an Ellie Goulding kind of ether.

Anyways in some respects Tiggi’s tearing up the rule book, which is so exciting much!

Follow not of others, if you want to stand out do it your own way.

That’s what we like here at EQ isn’t it? Consider us sold on Tiggi Hawke!