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Watch “Systemagic” by Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp’s directorial debut on the video for “Systemagic” is most pleasing to the eye. It is best appreciated not because it has glimpses of naked dancers in it but for being the art that it truly is.

Watch “Pulling Me In” by Phantoms

As ideas go Phantoms video for “Pulling Me In” is pretty straightforward. But then, they’ve got the right quirky moves to go with the quirky beats, so going with that all makes perfect sense.

Watch “Glimmer” by Sykes

Sykes video for their dance stomper “Glimmer” matches the lively and rousing spontaneity of the euphoric mood of the track with action packed live performance and the giddy whir of fairground attractions.

Watch “Kids” by Fanny Andersen

Emerging Norwegian pop starlet Fanny Andersen’s “Kids” has grown from the dance boppy anthem we first knew into a masterful piece of life-affirming pop. Now that it’s accompanying video has dropped.

Watch “Spun” by Ängie

Our first impressions of Ängie were, that she seemed a whole lot of whack like Brooke Candy mostly is. Out to shock at all costs. Too outwardly sleazy. Her latest grimey club anthem “Spun” has changed all that, on the merits that it’s just rather hella groovy.

Watch “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid

Pop superstar on-the-rise Sigrid’s towering, high-rise anthem “Don’t Kill My Vibe” now comes with a supporting video which basically, solidifies the premise of songs lyrics. That she will not be messed with at any costs really!