Raj Rudolph

SXSW Music Spotlight: EZA (Live Footage)

We got to catch EZA live for the first time at SXSW and needless to say, once is all it took for us to be hooked into her special blend of electronic pop. Get on board people, she's quite special and we're definitely fans.

SXSW 17 FILM Review: Mayhem

Mayhem came out on top for us as part of the midnighter films set this year at the SXSW 17 Film Festival. If you are missing Steven Yuen in The Walking Dead, you'll love him in this horror comedy flick.

SXSW 17 Film review: Baby Driver

Baby Driver was a massive hit at SXSW 17. We thoroughly enjoyed the car-chase drama which focuses heavily on music as the storytelling device in this clever new film by Edgar Wright dropping this summer.

Raj Rudolph

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Raj has been an electronic pop music obsessive ever since he heard Madonna's iconic debut album. When he couldn't stop playing "Music For The Masses" by Depeche Mode, he instantly knew that music would be his life-long passion. Raj is American and has lived in London since 2000. He created EQ Music as a passion project from the ground up and also works full time as a Program Manager for MTV/Viacom's music and entertainment web platforms. Raj has also worked as a digital producer for the likes of Google, Huffington Post, Vogue, GQ, WIRED and several digital agencies.