February 6, 2013

“Bassline” by Miss Kittin

French electroclash DJ Miss Kittin, purrs her way back into our favour with a quite brilliant electro-techno illuminated glitchy annunciation “Bassline”. The much plaudited DJ puts her finger on the FX button and dit, dit, dot, dots her immaculately cultivated vocals into a
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Watch “Taken over” by Rebecca & Fiona

These Swedies have been popping up everywhere over the last couple of years, haven’t they! Prepare! Rebecca & Fiona’s global dominance is well on course to be turned up some more, as the glamorous DJ duo step out with fellow homie Stockholm DJ Style Of Eye, (who also
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Kerli Hits No 1 On The Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart And Prepares To Release “Utopia EP”

Photo: Brian Ziff Our No 1 beloved BubbleGoth Kerli celebrates her second triumph at the top of the Billboard charts as her bubbly club track “The Lucky Ones” secures the No 1 spot on The Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. Excitement! The vibrant club track leads a score of 6
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