January 31, 2013

Watch “I U Need” by Olga Kouklaki

Out from behind her working decks, DJ Olga Kouklaki proves to be a Goddess of glam pop broodiness. In touch with her introspective lyric outlook, the monochrome kitten flicks on her dark electronic splendour and sashays a chromed alt-pop provocative masterpiece of haunting
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Watch “The Righteous Ones” by Ben Ivory

I don’t think this fresh music discovery by the snazzy Ben Ivory could find itself lost in translation, as Ben delivers a message that is wholly identifiable to us at EQ championing the freedom rights of universal love, with whom ever you wish to choose. As Germany’s newest pop
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“Finally” (CeCe Peniston) by Nerina Pallot

I must admit I am a total bitch when it comes to covers. Very few artists have successfully mastered the art of covering a song as good as  Whitney Houston did in her rendition of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.” It takes courage to recreate the vision of another artist. You
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