January 1, 2013

Tesla Boy

Watch “Split” by Tesla Boy

When it comes to Russian Dreamwave making, the name you’re most likely to find stamped on it these days belongs to the incomparable Tesla Boy. The synth pop trio triumph once again with cinematic nouvelle spun sheen on “Split”, taking strides of collected confident coolness out
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Dima Bilan

Watch “Fairy World” by Vitya Belan

Curiouser and curiouser a fantastical world meets chilled tempered synth patter. Meet mysterious Vitya Belan’s “Fairy World” and come into it! In such an enveloping synth luscious soundscape as this, it proves hard not too, to be quite honest but excuse us a sweet synth popping
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Listen To “Sweet Liar” by Ms Trez

Well this time of year just wouldn’t be complete without a down tempo track soaked up in sentiment to reach in and grab at our emotive sensibilities. We’ve gone to Sweden for this one, to Stockholm trio Ms Trez, who bring out a skyscraper pop ballad to ward off those winter
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EQ Music’s Top 20 Albums of 2012

Adrian Lux reigns supreme on our Top 20 Albums/EP List of 2012, but what were the other albums/EPs that inspired and provoked during the last year? From Madonna to Christina, from the indie darlings to the majors, how did your favorite rank? Or did they even rank at all? And just
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